Varsity Fashion

You got school spirt? You will in this Varsity-inspired outfit! I went for this 3 1/4 inch sleeved shirt to pull this outfit together. I love the look of the pink with the white top gave it a really varsity feeling. I added the black leggings, but to make it more football-like look. To give it that sporty touch, I decided to wear my black and white Nike’s to give it that sporty outfit look. To finalize the outfit I decided to add two french braids to make the look less casual and more made up.

Cost of Outfit


Original: $25.00
What I paid: $14.99


Original: $19.99
What I paid: $7.99


Original: $150.00
What I paid $49.99

Total Cost

Original: $194.99
What I paid: $72.97
What I saved:


As you can see this outfit is very easy, comfy, and simple. I love it so much and it is perfect for any school sports, everyday life, or even a first day outfit. I love this outfit and I hope you do too.

I hope to see you all soon!

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