Army Green Queen

Army Green.  What can I say about it?  I love the look and hey!  What can I say?  In this outfit you will look like a queen!  For this look I decided to wear this Army Green colored camo and I ware a black Tee underneath so if it gets hot I can tie my camo around my waist.  For pants I just wore some casual black leggings with this outfit.  If you went lower, I decided to wear some brown boots to make it a more fall-ish, and more army-like look.  To finalize the outfit I decided to make my hair in a French braid!  And that was my Army Green outfit!

Cost of Outfit


Orginal: $29.99

What I paid: $9.99

Black Tee

Orginal: $5.98

What I paid: Free (I already owned it)


Orginal: $14.98

What I paid: $4.99


Orginal: $49.99

What I paid: (I owned these as well)


Orginal: $100.94

What I paid: $14.98

What I saved: $85.96 (WOW!!) 

As you can see, I saved a lot on this outfit by using the stuff I had in my closet.  I love the look of this and this outfit will be great for anytype of day.

Thank you guys so much for reading and I’ll see you soon!


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