50’s Chic

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For this week’s outfit, I went with a 50’s look with a more modern twist. For this look I went with this white tee and added a black leather jacket which gave it that classy look. For the bottom I chose this pink skirt and the I love the black and silver add-ins. For my shoes… wait for it… SANDALS! For the modern twist (get it… 50’s twist… I’m so funny), I decided to wear these so I don’t wear a complete 50’s outfit. I love the look of this outfit and I saved a lot of money by buying summer clothes in September.

In this outfit I was called many different things (by teachers, friends, etc;) but here were a few that I either never heard of, or I found relatable.
1.) Pink Lady (From the movie Grease)
2.) Grease Lightning (also from Grease)
3.) Pinky Tuscarora (from an old TV show called Happy Days)
4.) 60’s chic (I don’t even know…)

Cost of Outfit

Leather Jacket

Original: $80
What I paid: $25 (sale)
What I saved: $55


Original: $14.99
What I paid: $2.98
What I saved: $12.01


Original: $26.99
What I paid: $5.98
What I saved: $21.01


Original: $59.99
What I paid: $10.99
What I saved: $49.00


Original: $181.97
What I paid: $44.92
What I saved: $137.05 (WOW!!)

As you can see, I love this look and this outfit would look great for something like spirt week (50s or 60s day) a 50-60s themed party, or even Halloween! I love this look and I thought all of you would too!

Outfit Tips

~Shoes~ I purchased my shoes at a local store where I live, but you can find really anything similar or even black boots would look good or white tennis shoes.

~Leather Jacket~ My outfit was manly made up of cotton, but there was some leather in it around the collar, sleeves, and bottom. To save money you could buy a jacket with no/little leather.

~Tee~ a great place to get cheap and simple tees is at Target. I got mine for less than $3 there but one thing to keep in mind is they are kinda see-through so make sure you wear a tank top underneath.

~Skirt~ when people ask me how I get such a good deal on summer clothes… here’s my tip… buy your summer clothes in a fall month when no one wears skirts anymore (end of August, September, October, if they have them November, etc;)

~When to Wear~ I would wear this outfit in some fall-ish weather. Here are a few things you can change to fit the weather. Hot Weather: instead of wearing a heavy jacket, wear a sleeveless one, it could be a sleeveless jean jacket as well. Or, you could wear it without a jacket as well. Cold Weather: Under your skirt you can wear either black (or white) leggings or tights.

I hope you all enjoyed this week’s post and I will see you guys really soon!


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