Dressing Down


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Hello everyone!  In today’s post I’m going to show you a really cute outfit that can be changed in so many ways, and you will have most of this in your closet!

For this outfit I decide to surround center my adorable acid wash jeans.  I love the way these look  especially since they are caprices.  Acid washed jeans were popular in the 80’s or 90’s, but i decide to give it that modern twist that I really like to add into my outfits.  For the top I went with this dark pink tee to give it a great pop of color.  I think this tee looks great so the outfit isn’t too  neutral.  To finish the top part, I decided to add this jean motto jacket.  By added the jacket it gave it different lengths, so that way the shirt is longer than the jacket.  I also picked this motto jacket because of the glittery add-ins on the jacket.  Finally, I added my modern twist on the part that I usually do… The shoes!  I decided to go with these white tennis shoes.  Earlier, I actually  ware this outfit with black high top converse to give it that long shoed fall feeling.  Over all, I think this outfit is a perfect dressing down look.

Cost of Outfit


Orginal: $29.99

What I paid: $9.99

What I saved: $20.00


Orginal: $9.99

What I paid: $2.98

What I saved: $7.01

Motto Jacket

Orginal: $39.90

What I paid: $14.01

What I saved: $25.98


Original: $75.00

What I paid: $16.99

What I saved: $58.01

Total Cost

Original: $154.97

What I paid: $43.97

What I saved: $111.00 (WOW!!)

Wow!  I saved a lot of money on this outfit and I love the way it looks and feels.  This is a very casual perfect for many occasions.


Here are some names I was called while wearing this outfit (from teachers, peers, friends, etc;).

-Erica (from ABC’s The Goldburgs)
-Acid Washer (I don’t get it…)

Outfit Tips

~Jeans~ You don’t have to get acid washed jeans, you could always buy light jeans instead.  If you don’t own a pair of acid wash jeans, you could simply take a pair of old jeans  and look up a video on YouTube and do it yourself.

~Tee~ For my tee I went for this dark pink one. The colors I would pick from is Orange, Yellow, Green, or Purple. I wouldn’t go for a neutral or blue shirt or else I won’t compliment the jeans or jacket.

~Jacket~ like I said on the tee section.

~Shoes~ I ware white tennis shoes (I would prefer Converse, Vans, Adidas Superstars, and Nike’s) but if you want to wear this in fall, I would wear black high tops to give it a good layer.

What’s The Weather?

Hot Weather:

You could either wear no jean jacket or a sleeveless jacket.  Another idea is you could wear acid washed shorts.

Cold Weather:

You could always wear black knee high boots, or (here’s a little life hack) to make it warmer wear tights or legging under your jeans.

I hope you all enjoyed today’s outfit and I’m excited to wear this as soon as possible.  See you soon!



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