Sweater Weather

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In today’s outfit, I’m wearing a very fall-ish look that is perfect for most fall days. I got my sweater from a local boutique and I love the layering technique that it uses. The sweater had this really cool chevron imprint towards the bottom. One of my favorite parts in the layering effect of the outfit, the front part of the sweater is shorter then the back side which is really pretty with the chevron. For my leggings, I went with this light and dark speckled gray color. These leggings went great with the white sweater that gave it a neutral combination. If you move your eyes to my feet, you will see these tan boots. Finally, to give some color to this neutral outfit, I decided to wear a flower crown! I love the idea of wearing a flower crown because it gives it a really original look.


In this outfit I was called many different things (from teachers, friends, peers, etc;)
-Jenny (from Forest Gump)
– Hippie (apparently they wore flower crowns with white clothing)
-Flora (This outfit is floral, but I don’t think my name is Flora)
-Lassy (Ummm… What?

Cost of Outfit


Original: $40.00
What I paid: $8.99
What I saved: $31.01


Original: $20.00
What I paid: $4.99
What I saved: $15.01


Original: $159.95
What I paid: $40.99
What I saved: $118.96

Flower Crown

Original: $35.00
What I paid: $4.99
What I saved: $30.01

Complete Cost

Original: $254.95
What I paid: $59.96 (without the shoes: $18.97)
What I saved: $194.99 (WOW!!!)

Outfit Tips

~Sweater~ I purchased my sweater from a local store, but if you want to find a cheaper way to purchased one look at a local thrift store for cheaper finds. Another tip is to put your sweater in a sweater cubby or else a pull could be experienced in the shoulders (I have learned from expirence).
~Leggings~ A great place to find cheap and affordable leggings is to look at Target. Now, when buying leggings, don’t get a pair that goes all the way down to your ankles. Buy them that are about 1-3 inches from your ankles (it depends on how tight you want your leggings to be).
~Shoes~ Ah, boots. They are some of the best shoes invented, but if you want UGG boots it’s going to cost you $150. But if you want to buy those cheap Shopko ones, they are going to break within’ a month, be my guest.  But, if you want some boots that will save you $100, then I would look into Lamo Boots. I purchased mine for $40, and that made it very affordable.
~Flower Crown~ I have seen many flower crowns through the ages. But, if you wanna to find a quick and easy flower crown, go to H&M, Forever 21, or Aéropostale. If you are looking for a more affordable one go to Claire’s. Now, I know you haven’t been their since you were 9, but if you want to save $30 I’d look into that.

I hope you guys enjoyed this Sweater Weather outfit and I’ll see you guys soon!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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