Floral ‘n Chic




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Hello everyone! Wow, it’s been so long since I’ve last talked to you but I have decided to restart this. All my old posts will still be available, but lots more are coming. Today I put together a great outfit I have worn rather frequently. I matched a dark tank tank top with a floral print with some Jean shorts. I love this look because it is so comfortable yet very practical.

Cost of Outfit

Tank Top

I purchased this tank top at Old Navy for the cheap cost of $12.98. I think this is a great cost for such a great shirt I can wear multiple times.


I have worn these shorts so many times for such a great cost! I purchased them from T.J. Maxx for only $7.99. What a steal!

Total Cost

I purchased this entire outfit for only $20.97!   What a great deal for such a great outfit!

Cost Per Wearing

I love this outfit so much. Throughout the summer I have mixed and matched the shorts and the shirt with many different outfits to fit my wardrobe. Best of all, this would only cost me 74¢ for each time I wear such a great outfit!

Thank you all so much for reading all of this! This has been rather short compared to my other posts. I will be writing more and I feel rather sorry for being gone so long.

Thanks for staying!



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