Pretty in Pink

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Hello everyone!  If you didn’t know, I do 4-H.  I am very active in Fashion Revue.  This year, I modeled this outfit.  I loved it so much so I thought I would share it with you.  Hope y’all enjoy!

I purchased this dress at T.J. Maxx for a great price of eight dollars.  I love the light pink pastel of it.  I also love the light blue, yellow, and pink birds on the print of this dress.  It has such an easy print that doesn’t make it too busy.


Cold Weather

For cold weather I paired this dress with black leggings and a black cardigan.  The great thing about this dress is that you can easily pair it with colored cardigans.  I found my favorite colored cardigans to wear with this is gray, blue, and black.  I also loved to pair it with a tan faux leather jacket.

Paired with a striped sweater

Warm Weather

Since this is a short sleeve dress, I found it perfect to wear it as it is.

Paired alone



Dress $8

Shoes $24.99

Blue Cardigan $12

I looked up my dress online using the same brand, and found the exact same dress, only instead of birds, it had black poka-dots.  The only difference was, the dress was unreasonably marked at $48

Original Price $113

What I Paid $44.99

What I Saved $68.01 (WOW!!)

As you can see, I think this was such a great price for this dress.  I have chosen to wear this to picture day because it has such a light and faint pink that won’t take away from my completion.

Thank you all for reading this, this far!  I hope you have a great Tuesday and a great rest of your week.



Paired with a gray sweater





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