What an Odd Combination

I love summer!  But as fall comes close, these warm clothes cannot be worn in the cold fall weather.  So sadly, this may be one of my final tee and short combo outfits of this year.  So, I’m going to go out with a bang with my final bold and colorful outfit.

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I came across this outfit accidentally, when I wore a romper shopping, then grabbed a random pair of shorts to try on a top.  The shorts just so happen to be green and in my size. But, when I put the bold-pink-neon-tye-dye top with modern-army-green shorts, I could feel some potential.  Honestly, I don’t know how these both look so good together, but I love it!


Cold Weather

For colder weather, I covered up the bright top, with a black and white flannel that I purchased from Holster. The black and white looks great with the green shorts, as well as my black converse flats.  If your weather is even colder, try some green jeans, I purchased mine from T.J. Maxx.IMG_2103

Warm Weather

Since this is a shorts and tee combo, this can be worn like so for warmer weather.  I paired this with my black converse flats, but you could even pair it with Birkenstock’s.IMG_2066

Cost of Outfit

Tee- $4.99

Shorts- $6.99

What I Paid- $11.98

What I Saved- $34.71 (WOW!!)

As you can see, I love this outfit, and I think it is a great way to end my summer fashion on here.  Make sure to subscribe to my blog to get notified every time I post.  Or, you can check out my blog every Tuesday and Friday at 12 (central time).  Thanks so much for reading!



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