Living in a Romper

B110F004-045B-4402-A8D6-8B3D27D18D0F26C4DEDC-F5CA-4E71-B86E-76F70EA8DA2A348086F5-1740-4022-9002-62049D6C6F3412931E1B-A7FC-477D-934B-C2D9AEC158FAAs the weather slowly transitions to an in-between summer and fall, I have found it rather challenging to pair together outfits. So, I paired this mainly black romper with the navy blue accents to match the perfect outfit.

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I found the PERFECT black romper at T.J. Maxx (where else?) and loved the flow from the texture and pockets. I love how easy it is to pair and wear, and no matter where, you’ll always be a show stopper in this ensemble.


Cold Weather

I loved pairing this with neutral toned items like black jackets, tan leather jackets, black and white flannels, and cardigans. But, I love the hinted blue print, so, I personally prefer keeping the jacket/cardigan open so you can see the lovely print all day long. Also, I found colored sneakers give it an easy casual look for around the town, and heels automatically give it a night-out look.DEA4D94F-4D65-40C5-84DA-B5FCA31EA6B6

Warm Weather

Since this is an opened top, you could wear this for warmer fall weather. However, I do not recommend wearing this during the summer time because you could get hot from the black fabric and pants combination.12931E1B-A7FC-477D-934B-C2D9AEC158FA

Cost of Outfit

Romper- $9.99
Original Price- $56.99
What I Saved- $47

As you can see, I love this romper and think it is a great buy. I enjoy wearing it on gym class days because it is easy to take on and off. Also, it is easy to dress up or down with it open platform.

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