Tee? or Dress?

424E13C6-5802-4552-B1AA-82DECE77E1DC6A6479F9-346F-4EA8-B43A-E7E7DD7F31C2C099CCBE-7440-47FE-B275-752EC65C9C252BACE449-1344-4A8D-BAEC-A92FE97BC40E018EB6F2-77DF-4DD7-BD39-DC62F3CA4834Fall!  Just thinking of it makes me warm inside!  Speaking of warm, my patio was 120 degrees today… 120 degrees!  So, how do I live in the sweater weather season, when it’s so hot?  Two  words.  T-shirt.  Dresses.  Today I’ll be showing you all about such a great fall fashion trend, that works for any weather.

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I am so glad that I found this t-shirt dress at T.J. Maxx for $9.99.  I love shopping at stores like T.J. Maxx, Marshalls, and Burlington because you can find such great clothes, for cheap.  Plus, I’m only thirteen, and am pretty much broke.  It’s hard to find very affordable items like this.  I love the red and white tones, because it screams fall.  The best part is, it feels like a thin tee, so I won’t get hot wearing it.


Cold Weather

For the actual fall weather, you can add black leggings or pair it with a jean jacket.  I love the casualness of it if you’d add Adidas superstars to it like I did. I paired this with a jean jacket, tan faux leather jacket, and a black-and-white flannel.  If it’s not cold, tie it around your waist.  Overall, I wouldn’t recommend it for cold, fall, weather. I’d wear it for hot fall weather. 33989BC6-6EEA-4605-8538-F28EB824EDFC

Warm Weather

That’s more like it!  This dress is PERFECT for the warmth! Since it is short sleeved, wear it as it is! Also, you could wear it with opened-toe shoes, or Adidas superstars to give it a casual look either way! 26C8D576-8EB5-4ABB-8EE1-49ADA8D029CD

Cost Of Outfit

Original- $29.99

What I Saved- $19.00

Dress- $10.99

As you can see, I love this dress and I think this is a necessity for your fall wardrobe.

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