Trendy & Tropical

63636785-A145-4322-9566-2C1CFC8DCB090A2D4636-282F-4914-95E4-C50411DCAB8AB7AB549B-39DE-4943-ADCF-4B5883AD945E0EDC2D58-6061-4F85-83F2-19FA6E3E010AI love tropical weather, but I am unable to travel right now. So what do I do? Wear a tropical outfit! The Best part? I made them!

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The only problem with fashion? The weather. But, it decided to cooperate with me today, and I was able to share this super trendy AND tropical outfit.  I usually talk about wear I bought my outfits, but today i’ll speak of the outfit I MADE! The pattern is Simplicity, and I purchased my fabric for only $2/yard at Hobby Lobby. I also love the tropical pattern and the tie! I think its so simple that you can see the top from.


Cold Weather

This tropical outfit is great for cold weather.  I have a long black sleeved shirt which I paired with my very busy pants.  The bottoms are so “out there” so if I didn’t pair them, it would have too many patterns.  Also, the pants were very light, so if it is really that cold where you live, I’d recommend wearing some leggings or tights under your pants.56A59B2B-1164-45B0-A352-E3024DBB7881

Warm Weather

These pants are very light, so you could wear them in spring/summer.  But pair them with a tee.4D3B1D64-C3F7-4530-9D46-ADB104795ED3

Cost of Outfit

Original- $23.99

What I Paid- $2

What I Saved- $21.99

Wow! I could buy another pair of pants with what I saved! I love this outfit, and I think all my readers should learn to sew, because at what your saving!

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