Modern Sherlock

55B4DE98-B533-4163-B859-8EE73CBBC914446DD805-A6CA-41A7-9D10-9D6AC13379ED5977D788-DEF8-46E9-A4C5-65BE497A3686D454A576-08EC-4DEA-BB1D-08D10F9CABA75AB36231-ACE5-4D85-A57B-92C45D5CC9F2The color yellow is so cheerful, plus it’s coming back in. You know what else is? Trench jackets, today I’m killing two birds with one stone with this outfit.

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I love the simplicity of this outfit, and how straight going it is. It is easy to see, and easy to understand. It is like a piece of art, but you can understand it without questioning it.


Cold Weather

I wore this without leggings, I’d wear it with leggings or else it may be too cold.DC9A7E60-264E-4C0E-9EE4-93E5C1EA7A38

Warm Weather

This may be too cold for warm weather. I would not recommend this outfit.81689C86-8468-4030-8254-71D975E9BC57

As you can see, this outfit is very springy and is perfect for this cold fall weather. I love it and would recommend it for this fall season.C5905993-4971-4108-A79B-C616B13A01330DC808D5-EEF5-4773-9FB7-8297F9752A0DB8F21EE1-029E-4696-A095-E0EE9382E03A

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