Poka-Dot & Pillbox Hats

EE7D7BFA-C40A-47D3-A06A-76315E7F4CF68DF18DFD-BD67-4150-9F35-8E62A360CB845E110C78-B5DA-4B67-8F2B-34E8C5790597C34C498D-5FC2-45E0-825A-A572B71533690B6E230E-C188-48CD-A2F8-22169E0F8F89My dream is to dress just like Jackie Kennedy, and today, my dream came true. In this outfit, you’ll see an outfit inspired around Jackie Kennedy and 1960’s fashion.

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I love this outfit so much, and when I found this dress at Burlington, I immediately thought of Jackie. I took a family trip a couple of weeks ago, and my fashion found this vintage shop. Inside, I found the PERFECT black pillbox hat for only $8.99, what a steal! I think this is a great look for a “throwback” day at school, just like mine!


Cold Weather

I would recommend wearing black leggings/tights with this because it could be rather cold, this outfit was very warm, so I wouldn’t worry.257495A5-9C50-4CEB-AF7E-B3605382412A

Warm Weather

I would not recommend this outfit if it is warm in your area.


Overall, I love this outfit and think it’s a great buy.

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