10 Ways to Wear a Jean Skirt

Hello lovely readers! I purchased a jean skirt from T.J. Maxx at the beginning of June and I’ve had a hard time pairing it with other tops. Today I decided to write “10 Ways to Wear a Jean Skirt”! Most of these items you will have in your closet and these are all super easy and trendy.

1. With a Flannel


A great way to wear a jean skirt is with a flannel! Fall is coming up in a few months and flannels are a number one fall item in my wardrobe. By wear a black tee under gives easy comfort. This blogger also chose to add black accessories like the small black backpack and circular sunglasses.

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2. With a Sweater


A sweater also gives a great fall fashion vibe. This blogger also chose black accessories to complete the look. The black booties, boho bag, circular sunglasses and layered chocker completes the look!

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3. Knee High Boots


Knee high boots are super trendy in the fashion industry. Knee high boots also help for colder weather. This outfit is super practical and the accessories are super easy to find.

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4. Jean Jackets


Jean jackets can easily make any outfit to dressed up or dressed down. The white shirt also adds a great amount of style and grace. I greatly love how trendy it is.

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5. With a Cardigan


I love the oversized sweater look. It is super trendy right now and adds a lot of pizzaz to a simple outfit. I also love the tank top being used as well.

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6. Black Tights


The black tights not only complete an outfit, but are perfect for colder outfit. The entire outfit is perfect for colder weather.

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7. Knit Tops


I love thrift shopping, and a item I’ve been seeing a lot of knit tops with turtle necks in many thrift tops. I was so excited to see how well knit tops go with jean skirts. This outfit also shows knee high boots again!

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8. Tie Tanktop


This tank top is something I find to be something that should be way more popular. I’m sorta obsessed with this look now.

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9. Plain Colored Tee


This is probably the most popular look for wearing a jean skirt. The great thing about a plain colored tee is that it can help keep your aesthetic. For example, if you love pastels, by wearing a pastel tee it completes your look. I truly am obsessed with the simpleness of this outfit.

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10. Graphic Tee


A graphic tee can cause a casual outfit that still is stylish. I know what I’ll be wearing next!

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Thank you for reading lovlies! I feel super inspired to wear my jean skirt, don’t you? Thank you for reading and make sure to subscribe to my blog by scrolling down to the bottom of the page.






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