School Clothing Haul 2018

Hey, everyone! I go back to school on September 4, which is in almost two weeks! I am slightly excited but I wish summer would last longer. I am going to be a freshman in high school, which will be a lot different than middle school. Because of that, I’ll be starting my back to school posts, so here we go. But today I’ll be showing you my clothing haul of clothing items I bought.



This top was actually a popular thrift find, it originally had a long turtleneck but I cut it down.


This over-sized yellow top was purchased from JC Penny.


this striped tee was thrifted.

yes, another striped tee. this one I purchased from T.J. Maxx


this jean jacket I purchased from free people.


my high-waisted jean shorts are from T.J. Maxx


These navy blue shorts are from Avia sports. They are similar to my favorite pair of shorts: black Lululemon shorts.

I’ve been obsessed with jean skirts lately! I am very happy that I found my jean skirt when I did. Speaking of jean skirts, read my article 10 Ways to Wear a Jean Skirt.


This skater skirt is a little bit dressy, but I think the black will be great to match with other tops. The skirt is from pretty little things.

I love the look of flowy pants, it’s definitely a style I’ve been obsessed with lately. Pants from Pretty little things.

Another pair of flowy pants! These pants are my literal life goals, they are my favorite color and flowy. Pants are from Marshalls.

Dressier Items

I bought this black dress for future choir concerts and I was lucky to find this great find from free people.

This trench coat type jacket was a pretty cool find. I can wear it opened or closed. Also, the store also had this jacket is hunter green and a dark tan, but I liked the blush pink the most. From Marshalls.


The dark red cardigan is from free people and I am looking forward to seeing how I can wear it in the future.

Final thing! I am completely obsessed with this off the shoulder romper. I love the denim and the cute details as well.

Thank you for reading lovelies! Get ready for some new back to school posts for this year. Comment below what day school starts for you. Thank you for reading and make sure to subscribe to my blog by scrolling down to the bottom of the page.


Screen Shot 2018-08-19 at 10.49.59 PM





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