School Neccesities You’ll Need!

Hello lovely readers! Here is a part two of my school supply haul. But today, it is mostly about items that you didn’t know you need, but you most definitely will. I’m excited to share these with you. Let’s get started!

Important Items

A backpack to carry all your junk school stuff. I have two that I switch off with, a blue and white JanSport and a Kenneth Cole reaction backpack.


A lunchbox, I have this lunchbox from Old Navy, but I forgot to take a photo of it.

a water bottle. I got mine from scheels and my stickers are from redbubble. The stickers represent me well and feel free to take a look at the photos.


I do play trumpet, so that is an important item for me. I usually have more pins on my case too, so I’ll put more on later.


A lanyard is very important. I have mine from ver Bradley but I lost the lanyard so I have this polka dot lanyard. My school ID is flipped inside out for privacy reasons.



My MacBook! My school gives them to us and my charger is covering up my name for privacy reasons.


Earbuds are very crucial for school. I also keep a portable charger because yes, I do go on my phone during class.

Emergency Pouch


I like to keep all my girl necessities in this pouch.


Hand sanitizer, gum, deodorant, chapstick, and some perfume.


I like to keep enough makeup for after gym class. concealer, foundation, bare mineral powder and blush, NYX eyebrow pencil, mascara, oil blotting sheets, some lip products, a Mally eyeshadow trio, and some mini makeup brushes.

Thank you for reading lovelies! Comment below your number one school necessity. Thank you for reading and make sure to subscribe to my blog by scrolling down to the bottom of the page.






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