5 Essential Apps for School

Hello everyone! With being a high school freshman, I am obsessed with my phone. today I will be sharing some Ideal phone apps I love.

1. The Homework App


The homework app is very helpful if you don’t have an agenda/planner.

2. Trello


This app is also very helpful for school projects and organization, I would defiently check this one out!

3. Google Drive


Google Drive is a pretty obvious, yet helpful one. You can write papers, slideshows, and save tons of photos.

4. MathWay


This app I found towards the end of last schoolyear, and let me tell you. It’s very helpful. MathWay helps out with problemsyou dont understand and helps stelp by step.

5. Quizlet


Quizlet is a great flash card app that is vey help with studying.

6. Duolingo


I’ve had a very hard time learning new languages. Duolingo is a great app for this and has a great concept for making learning fun.

7. Khan Academy


This is my favorite app of the seven! Khan Academy is great for last minute studying and for understanding topics. They have thousands of free lessons and quizzes for every subject.

Thank you for reading lovelies! Comment below your favorite school app.  Thank you for reading and make sure to subscribe to my blog by scrolling down to the bottom of the page.







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