Poka-Dot & Pillbox Hats

My dream is to dress just like Jackie Kennedy, and today, my dream came true. In this outfit, you’ll see an outfit inspired around Jackie Kennedy and 1960’s fashion. I love this outfit so much, and when I found this dress at Burlington, I immediately thought of Jackie. I took a family trip a couple…… Continue reading Poka-Dot & Pillbox Hats

Modern Sherlock

The color yellow is so cheerful, plus it’s coming back in. You know what else is? Trench jackets, today I’m killing two birds with one stone with this outfit. I love the simplicity of this outfit, and how straight going it is. It is easy to see, and easy to understand. It is like a…… Continue reading Modern Sherlock

Living in a Romper

As the weather slowly transitions to an in-between summer and fall, I have found it rather challenging to pair together outfits. So, I paired this mainly black romper with the navy blue accents to match the perfect outfit. I found the PERFECT black romper at T.J. Maxx (where else?) and loved the flow from the…… Continue reading Living in a Romper